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From young ages visuality got a big emphasis in her life.

She is interested in the truths hidden behind the physical appearances. Her life is primarily directed, motivated by these realities. In her limelight stand the diverse trend-lines of art. Her innate abilities and skills have been nurtured and developed by several masters. She was involved in different trainings. After completing studies in trans-personal psychology she was admitted to the architecture department of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. After receiving a master’s degree with a diploma award she began to walk an independent path as a freelancer, and started to search for opportunities to develop.

Before and after her graduation she had professional experiences at archticeture interior-design area. In order to understand the realized connection among the various disciplines of art she started creative work in different fields, involving in these pieces her interest in other cultures, roots, traditions. Her works have appeared at several architectural and art exhibitions in her native country and abroad as well.

As a designer – creator she is open to any fields of artistic expression with a teaching nature. It is the combination of manual and intellectual processes that captures her to the core. The co-existence of the spiritual, intellectual and material layers. She has an inner drive to express her feelings in the course of a creative artistic process. Three-dimensional artwork has always been a part of her life. She believes in the essential need for a creative attitude to life. In her work she mostly relies upon her feelings and emotions, they lead her hand in the creative process.

She believes in continuous flow and constant change and she wishes to express this dynamism in her works of art. She processes universal questions, stations, concepts, human feelings by using different materials together. The motions of silence and harmony are the material manifestations of her inner feelings. Her works convey transformed messages the understanding and free interpretation of which she leaves to the viewer. The purpose is to initiate emotional, thought awakening.



2020-2021 – Budapest Art Mentor program
2012 – Diploma with Diploma prize 2012 by MÉK

2010-2012 – Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest – Architectural Art MA

2007-2010 – Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest – Architectural Art BA

2003-2007 – Etherikos International School of Energy Healing and Spiritual Studies Training Program in Spiritual Healing and Transpersonal Psychology



2023 – ATTITUDE_Kóka Gallery, Budapest
2023 – ALONE_FUGA, Budapest
2021 – TULIP II. – THE POWER OF MOTIFS_Hungarian Cultural Centre, Istanbul
2020-2021 – TULIP II. – THE POWER OF MOTIFS_Gül Baba’s Tomb, Budapest
2020-2021 – CONSCIOUS GEOMETRY_Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul
2019 – TULIP – THE POWER OF MOTIFS_Gül Baba’s Tomb, Budapest
2019 – TULIP – THE POWER OF MOTIFS_Hungarian Cultural Centre, Istanbul
2018 – ASG 2018, Istanbul
2017 – STATIONS 2017_Hungarian Cultural Centre, Istanbul



2023 – SOLITUDE THAT CREATES PEACE_St. Mauritius Monastery Park, Bakonybél
2023 – miniMADImax_SAXON Art Gallery, Budapest
2022 – BACK AND FORTH_Liszt Institute, Ljubljana
2022 – BACK AND FORTH_Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest
2022 – INTERSECTION_Mine Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul
2021 – EXPLORERS 4.0_Képező, Budapest
2019 – 21ST PAINTER’S GATHERING OF TURKSOY_Sulaiman-Too Museum, Osh/Kyrgyzstan
2019 – DANUBE’S PERSPEKTIVES_Hungarian Cultural Centre, Istanbul
2019 – POETRY IMAGES_Hungarian Cultural Centre, Istanbul
2018 – THE POWER OF DRAWING group exhibition_FUGA, Budapest 
2018 – HIT THE ROAD!_Hungarian Cultural Centre, Istanbul
2017 – ISTANBUL 100_Hungarian Cultural Centre, Istanbul
2017 – KARMA exhibition_Bindallı Gallery, Istanbul
2016 – INTERNATIONAL DANUBE DAY_Austrian Culture Office Istanbul, Istanbul
2010 – WATER & CITY_Mihály Pollack Squere, Budapest
2009 – VELENCE – BENCE-MOUNTAIN_N&N Gallery, Budapest



2023 – miniMADImax – madi univerzum 77_axioart, online
2021 – VI. ARTIST FOR THE WEEKLY FOOD-CHARITY AUCTION_Godot Contemporary Art Institute, Budapest
2021 – 6. GODOT ART FAIR 2021_Godot Contemporary Art Institute, Budapest



2021-2022 – NKA/Collage Of Fine Arts: Scholarships for artists
2019-2020 – EMET/National Talent Program: For The Nation’s Young Talents
2018-2019 – EMET/National Talent Program: For The Nation’s Young Talents



2019 – TÜRKSOY, Osh/Kyrgzystan



The profile is providing intelligent and aesthetic design elements for exterior and interior spaces.

Decoration of hotels, restaurants, cafes, working environments, any public community- and intimate spaces, homes worldwide.

Non-series design by an interior designer – fine artist.

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