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Dreams and lower level imaginations. This is where the coordination of bodily functions takes place, and it contains ancient instincts and motives, highly emotionally charged spiritual complexes, inferior desires, fantasies, and unconscious parapsychological processes. A place of unworked emotions, uncontrolled processes.


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It is made up of spiritual elements similar to our waking state of mind and they are easily accessible to our waking consciousness. We assimilate and digest our various experiences in this inner space, from where information can be easily retrieved and made aware. Here we carry out our usual mental and imaginative activities that evolve here before they are born in the light of consciousness.


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It is an evolving, multi-dimensional being created by the contribution between divine nature and human nature.


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This is the center of gravity of self-awareness. Not to be mixed up with the conscious personality created by the field of consciousness. Understanding this requires thorough self-examination. However, most people ignore it and, as a result, drift along with a stream of ever-changing consciousness, and mistakenly consider their Self to be the same.


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This is the conscious part of the personality. It is characterized by an uninterrupted flow and change of feelings, ideas, thoughts, perceptions, desires, urges. However, we can consciously observe, analyze and evaluate all this. Make a clear picture.


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From this area we get our higher intuitions and inspirations, artistic, philosophical or scientific, ethical impulses for humanitarian and heroic actions. This is where our higher feelings come from, such as altruistic love, genius and contemplation, enlightenment, and states of self-indulgence. This world includes the latent higher psychic activities and spiritual energies.


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Human beings are not isolated from one another. The collective unconscious forms the medium through which there is a constant unconscious connection between human beings.